The Moor: LJ Ross

The Moor by LJ Ross book 12 in the DCI Ryan series.

We’re back in the present for the latest installment of the popular series. This follows on from Longstone and sees Ryan and the team prowling around a travelling circus encamped on the outskirts of Newcastle city centre.

A disappearance from the past comes to light when a feisty young girl presents herself at Ryan’s house. There’s also a sub-plot concerning the ongoing blossoming love story between the junior members of the team, Jack Lowerson and Melanie Yates and their investigations into the spiralling gang wars in the city.

Again it would be possible to read this as a standalone novel, but there’s so much character development from the preceding books that you’d be missing out severely. LJ Ross weaves an engrossing tale once again and no doubt will be well into her next installment*. Get on it before it’s snapped up for a television series and you can be the authority in your workplace!

* Edit: Penshaw is available for pre-order and will be released on the 27th of July!

One thought on “The Moor: LJ Ross

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