Fool Moon: Jim Butcher

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher book 2 in the Harry Dresden series.

Harry’s back and thrown right into the mire when a series of murders seem to have be perpetrated by werewolves. The fall out from the previous book leads to a somewhat frosty relationship with the police, putting it mildly!

Big business, gangsters, biker gangs and a mysterious youth cult are all in the frame but with Harry’s powers faltering can he get to the bottom of it whilst the full moon is still in the sky?

It’s another cracker from Jim Butcher and he somehow gets you to suspend disbelief and have you thinking this world is entirely plausible. It’s a fast paced thriller with a good dose of whodunnit thrown into the mix. I’m rubbish at guessing endings and this was no exception. I can’t recommend this series highly enough up to now and can’t wait to carry on the roller coaster ride with Harry and the rest. I’d quite like to go for a pint or two in McAnally’s too!

To see more of Harry’s world and get the latest news click here.


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